A community manager at Samsung revealed a list of nearly 30 Galaxy phones that will receive stable One UI 6 with Android 14 on top in the next five weeks. The Galaxy S23 flagships have already received the update, but the list of eligible devices is about to rapidly expand.

Here’s the full list with estimated release dates:

Week 45 Galaxy A34 5G 13/11/2023
Galaxy A54 5G 13/11/2023
Galaxy S22 15/11/2023
Galaxy S22 Ultra 15/11/2023
Galaxy S22+ 15/11/2023
Galaxy S23 FE 20/11/2023
Galaxy Z Flip5 13/11/2023
Galaxy Z Fold5 13/11/2023
Galaxy A14 5G Not decided yet
Week 46 Galaxy A13 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy A33 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy A52 27/11/2023
Galaxy A52s 5G 27/11/2023
Galaxy A53 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy A72 30/11/2023
Galaxy S21 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy S21 FE 5G 24/11/2023
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy S21+ 5G 20/11/2023
Galaxy Z Flip4 20/11/2023
Galaxy Z Fold4 20/11/2023
Week 47 Galaxy A13 27/11/2023
Galaxy A14 Not decided yet
Galaxy A23 5G 27/11/2023
Galaxy A25 5G 01/12/23
Galaxy A52 5G Not decided yet
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Not decided yet
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 27/11/2023
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 27/11/2023
Week 48 Galaxy A04s 04/12/23
Week 49 Galaxy XCover5 08/12/23

This release calendar is only for devices in Europe, but lately Samsung has been delivering the updates pretty close to one another.

Source (in Romanian)

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