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  • Samsung has reportedly decided to stick with Google over Bing on Galaxy phones.
  • It’s believed Samsung was worried about the impact of a switch on its relationship with Google.

Samsung has long paid Google to be the default search engine on Galaxy smartphones. But that deal seemed in danger after a report last month that Samsung was considering a switch to Bing as the default search engine.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports (h/t: Reuters) that Samsung has suspended an internal review of a switch from Google to Bing, citing sources familiar with the proceedings.

According to the outlet, Samsung initially considered switching to Bing as the search engine of choice in the Samsung Internet browser. It’s believed the company thought a switch wouldn’t “substantially change the status quo” as the majority of Samsung users prefer other browsers like Chrome anyway.

Why did Samsung apparently change its mind?

The company decided to suspend a review for now due to concerns over market perceptions of the switch and the impact of such a switch on relations with Google, WSJ‘s sources claimed.

The sources added that Samsung isn’t permanently closing the door on a switch to Bing. So it’s possible the company could revisit the topic and switch search providers down the line.

Either way, we can’t say we’re surprised that Samsung is sticking with Google. Google has been the default search engine on Galaxy phones for years now, after all. But who knows, maybe this saga has resulted in a better deal for Samsung?

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Samsung realized ditching Google for Bing isn’t such a great idea after all

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Samsung realized ditching Google for Bing isn’t such a great idea after all

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