Samsung reveals details about their 6G plans

Samsung reveals details about their 6G plans

May 9, 2022 0 By Roland Hutchinson

5G smartphones are getting more popular with many networks now offering 5G coverage, Samsung has released some details about their plans for 6G.

Samsung has said that 6G could be up to 50 times faster than the 20 Gbps of 5G, so around 1 Terabits per second (Tbps), more information on this is below.

Along with the release of the 6G spectrum white paper, Samsung also highlights its research findings on some of 6G candidate technologies – specifically about sub-THz band communications, reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS), cross division duplex (XDD), full duplex, artificial intelligence (AI)-based nonlinearity compensation (AI-NC) and AI-based energy saving (AI-ES).

Sub-THz is considered a spectrum candidate for 6G communications, which is expected to support the data rate up to 1 Terabits per second (Tbps), 50 times faster than 20 Gbps of 5G networks. Samsung successfully demonstrated 6 Gbps data rate at a 15 meters distance indoors in June 2021, and 12 Gbps at a 30 meters distance indoors and 2.3 Gbps at a 120 meters distance outdoors the following year.

RIS can improve the beam sharpness and can steer or reflect the wireless signal to a desired direction with the use of a metamaterial surface. It can reduce the penetration loss and blockage of high frequency signal, e.g., mmWave. Samsung demonstrated that their RIS lens technology can enhance the signal strength by four times and the beam steering range by 1.5 times.

You can find out more details about Samsung’s 6G plans over at their website at the link below, it will be a few years before we see 6G technology in our smartphones.

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Image Credit: Anh Nhat

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