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Samsung, the world leader in DRAM semiconductor memory chips, has announced that it has started the mass production of 16Gb DDR5 DRAM chips using the 12nm technology. Compared to the previous generation chips, the new 12nm DRAM chips are more power efficient.

The South Korean firm’s new 12nm DDR5 DRAM chips are 23% more power-efficient and increase wafer productivity by 20%. Clients who use these chips for their cloud servers and high-performance computing can notice higher power savings and reduced carbon footprints, especially for data centers. Samsung says that its new 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM production was made possible by the company’s High-κ material that increases cell capacitance, which results in a significant electric potential difference in the data signals. This makes it easier to accurately distinguish them.

Samsung’s new 12nm DDR5 DRAM chips offer data transfer speeds of 7.2Gbps, which is equivalent to processing two 30GB 4K movies in a second. These new chips were already evaluated for AMD’s CPUs in December 2022. The company will continue to collaborate with more global IT companies to drive innovation in the DRAM market.

Jooyoung Lee, Executive VP of DRAM Product & Technology at Samsung Electronics, said, “Using differentiated process technology, Samsung’s industry-leading 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM delivers outstanding performance and power efficiency. Our latest DRAM reflects our continued commitment to leading the DRAM market, not only with high-performance and high-capacity products that meet computing market demand for large-scale processing but also by commercializing next-generation solutions that support greater productivity.

Samsung DDR5 DRAM 12nm 16Gb

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Samsung starts mass production of 12nm DDR5 DRAM chips

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