Are you looking to get probably the

best Android phone in the world at a nice discount ahead of Mother’s Day this year? We’re afraid you’re all out of luck right now if you like to rely on retailers like Amazon and Best Buy for your mobile tech shopping, as the two’s latest (and greatest)

Galaxy S23 series deals have recently expired and are yet to be replaced with new offers.

But that’s where Samsung’s own official US e-store comes in, currently listing the S23 Ultra giant at a cool 180 bucks under its regular price… in a single 1TB storage variant. This is obviously not an ideal promotion for bargain hunters, as you’ll still need to pay a whopping $1,439.99 for that particular digital hoarder-friendly model of the 6.8-inch

Galaxy S23 Ultra in your choice of Lavender or Lime hues through May 14.

Don’t want to cough up a small fortune for a rectangular slab… with

some of the greatest specifications in today’s mobile industry? That rare $180 discount can be easily combined with a massive instant trade-in credit to lower the 1TB S23 Ultra to as little as $689.99.

Of course, you’ll have to ditch a very good phone in very good condition to score

Samsung’s maximum trade-in discount, but even a cracked Galaxy S22 Ultra or fully working Galaxy S21 can help you slash hundreds of dollars off the already reduced price of this absolute monster of a handset with a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor under the hood and a handy S Pen included in the retail box at no extra cost.

Believe it or not, this is actually Samsung’s second

S23 Ultra Mother’s Day 2023 deal, and much like the first, which has unfortunately gone away, its focus is users with big internal storage needs and an eye for flashy colors.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, mind you, is not available from retailers like Best Buy and Amazon with one terabyte of local digital hoarding room at any price, which arguably makes this limited-time offer that much more special and hard to turn down for the company’s hardcore fans and Android power users in general.

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Samsung’s beastly 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra is now on sale at a VERY special Mother’s Day price

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