Samsung may be planning a design overhaul of its Ultra flagship next year. A reputed industry insider claims the Galaxy S25 Ultra will ditch the boxy design for a more rounded finish. We don’t have visuals but the 2025 Ultra appears to be doing away with those sharp and pointy corners.

Samsung tipped to make the Galaxy S25 Ultra rounded like other models

In December 2022, Samsung hired a former Mercedes design expert to lead its smartphone design team. Reports suggested Hubert H. Lee’s style and design philosophies will start reflecting on Galaxy devices in 2024. Case in point, Samsung’s next wireless earbuds look completely different from previous generations. The Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro have a stemmed design, similar to Apple AirPods. Although common, this is a more practical design.

Samsung’s next major design evolution under Lee could come early next year. According to tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be “really rounded.” They are “100%” sure about it. Considering their track record of Samsung leaks, we have little reason to doubt the claim. The source has been critical of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s design. Unfortunately, this is all they reported, leaving us imagining what the next Ultra might look like.

Of course, Samsung’s Ultra flagships haven’t always been boxy with sharp corners. The Galaxy S21 Ultra does have rounded corners. The company switched to a boxy design with the Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022. This year, it ditched the curved screen and introduced a flat one. This change made the corners more pointy. Depending on how you hold your phone, the corners can leave a mark on your palm if held tightly for a prolonged period.

It’s unclear if Samsung received complaints about this design or if it is redesigning the Galaxy S25 Ultra for consistency. The other two models have always featured a rounded body. It’s worth noting that a rounded body usually makes the screen rounded too. Some might argue that the Ultra will lose its identity with this redesign, but Samsung surely knows what it is doing. Maybe it will reduce the sharpness of the corners without making the screen rounded.

The next Samsung flagship may come costlier

If early leaks are accurate, Samsung may increase the asking prices of the Galaxy S25 series. Poor yields of the Exynos 2500 could force it to ship the phones with a Snapdragon chip globally. Since the next Snapdragon flagship is getting costlier, it may add to the phones’ price. The company is also considering using MediaTek chips to cut costs. We will have to wait and see how these plans unfold in the coming months. The Galaxy S25 series should arrive in early 2025.

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