Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 ‘Slim’ may launch in October without S Pen support

Rumors around Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 have been mentioning a second device for ages, but as the launch approaches, it was increasingly looking like that was not happening. Now, though, it’s becoming more clear that Samsung will launch a thinner Galaxy Z Fold 6 “Slim,” but not everywhere, and not with every feature.

Amid stronger competition from brands putting out more technically impressive and affordable devices, Samsung lost its crown in the foldable market. As such, the idea of a thinner, more affordable Fold 6 was instantly appealing, but it seemed like Samsung couldn’t make up its mind on the second device.

Now, things are becoming more clear.

Ice Universe says that Samsung will release the “Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim” as the “W25” in China, with the device also rumored to be coming to Korea under the prior branding. The device would launch in October, apparently, a few months after the expected July launch of the main Galaxy Z Fold 6.

The “Slim” will apparently have a larger display and also lack support for an S Pen. But it would be both thinner and lighter than the standard model.

Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim will be named Samsung W25 in China, which is lighter, thinner and larger than Fold6.
Will be released in October and does not support SPen.

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) June 18, 2024

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