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Although Samsung is mostly known for its smartphones, tablets, and TVs, most of its revenue comes from its memory chips business. It is the world’s biggest memory chip maker and develops various new technologies every year. It could be onto something big with its next DRAM chip.

The South Korean tech giant has applied for the trademark for the term Snowbolt in its home country. The application was filed sometime last week with the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) and is awaiting examination. Usually, Samsung doesn’t file for fancy-sounding terms for its memory chips, which means that Snowbolt could be something special.

As per the documents submitted by Samsung, the term Snowbolt is related to DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) modules with high bandwidth for use in high-performance computing equipment, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing equipment. Going by its description, these new DRAM modules could be used in cloud servers, high-performance computing, and AI computing.

Since AI is in trend these days and it needs extremely powerful servers and cloud computing machines, Samsung’s Snowbolt memory modules could make AI computing tasks faster and more reliable. And that improved AI performance can be used in various applications, including voice assistants on your smartphone, TVs, and various other devices.

Samsung Snowbolt DRAM Trademark Application KIPRIS South Korea

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Samsung’s new Snowbolt DRAM could make your AI faster and smarter

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