Samsung’s new text-filled Galaxy AI watermark is bigger on wallpapers and images

AI-generated wallpapers are becoming an increasingly popular way to leverage AI on a smartphone, and it’s also a core feature of Galaxy AI. With its latest One UI update, though, Samsung has added a much bigger watermark to its AI wallpapers.

The launch of Galaxy AI earlier this year delivered a bunch of features for Samsung’s smartphones. One of those was “Generative” wallpapers, powered by Google’s AI models and effectively the same feature that launched on Google’s own Pixel 8 series last year.

When making a wallpaper using the feature, Samsung would apply a small watermark using the Galaxy AI logo (a tweak of the sparkle emoji) in the bottom left corner. It was a little annoying, but not too invasive.

In One UI 6.1.1, Samsung has updated this to use the icon, as well as saying “AI-generated content” across the bottom corner.

This applies to wallpapers both on the inner and the outer display of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 in our testing, and presumably applies to Flip 6 as well (though we haven’t had a chance to test it just yet).

It seems that the reasoning for this change is for the sake of other AI image tools which are now more advanced.

For instance, “Portrait Studio” can take the image of someone’s face and convert that to an animated style. We suspect this is the reason for the more obvious watermark. Samsung also applied the smaller watermark to edits such as removing objects through generative AI in the Gallery app. Both of these features add the new watermark as well.

This new Galaxy AI watermark isn’t optional, nor can we find any way to revert to the previous style.

Presumably, this change is a part of One UI 6.1.1, which is launching on Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 and will later arrive on Galaxy S24 and other devices with Galaxy AI features.

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Samsung starts shipping its new foldables as well as Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Buds 3 (and Buds 3 Pro), Galaxy Watch 7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra on July 24.

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