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Samsung came back to the OLED TV market with a bang, thanks to its new QD-OLED technology. The company’s QD-OLED panels have received many accolades thanks to higher color volume, higher luminance, and improved brightness. Now, it has received the prestigious Display Of The Year award from SID.

Samsung Display, Samsung’s display manufacturing arm, has announced that its QD-OLED panel for TVs and monitors has received the Display Of The Year 2023 award from SID (Society For Information Displays), the world’s biggest display society. According to SID, Samsung’s QD-OLED panel has various groundbreaking technologies to deliver “stunning color, stupendous details, and an immersive experience.” The panel can reproduce life-like colors precisely and consistently.

Samsung’s QD-OLED panel can cover 90 of the BT2020 color space for deeper colors

SID talked about QD-OLED’s ability to reproduce 90% of the BT2020 color space, which is the biggest color space used in the industry. QD-OLED has also won two back-to-back CES Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2023. Samsung’s second-generation QD-OLED panel offers 30% improved color brightness and lower power consumption, thanks to the HyperEfficient EL material. Samsung’s S95B, S90C, and S95C TVs use Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panel, and they’ve received extremely positive reviews from experts around the world.

According to SID, “QD-OLED enabled accurate, consistent, true-to-life color perfection by introducing quantum dots, which are advanced nanoscale materials that emit precise wavelengths of light, to a blue self-emitting pixel structure and an oxide thin-film transistor. QD-OLED is a combination of best material science, color cognitive science and physics to deliver remarkable color, stunning detail and an immersive viewing experience.

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Samsung’s QD-OLED gets Display Of The Year 2023 award

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