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  • Samsung’s upcoming XR headset could gain touch and smell functionality.
  • It’s unclear how the headset would use these capabilities.
  • It’s believed the headset could also gain a very sharp screen.

Samsung announced plans for a new XR headset earlier this year in partnership with Google and Qualcomm. Recent rumors point to the headset being reworked in light of the Apple Vision Pro’s unveiling, and it looks like Samsung could be thinking about some eclectic ideas.

Tipster Tech_Reve has claimed on X that Samsung is thinking about incorporating touch and smell capabilities into the headset.

A headset with smell-o-vision?

The leaker didn’t elaborate on these features, although we’re guessing touch integration would mean the headset has a touchscreen or touchpad of sorts on it. This wouldn’t be unprecedented for a wearable tech product, as even wireless earbuds and headphones have touchpads for system and media controls. In fact, even Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset offered a touchpad for system navigation.

Smell functionality seems really strange, though, and we can’t think of any uses beyond offering different smells depending on the experience. For example, the Samsung XR headset could theoretically offer the smell of the ocean when you’re taking a virtual walk at the beach. Or you could get the smell of pine trees while walking through a forest in a game. Here’s hoping someone programs an experience with freshly baked bread if this feature is indeed coming.

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Nevertheless, the leaker claims that tech related to these aforementioned features will be announced at Samsung’s LSI Tech Day, which takes place on October 5.

The tipster also suggests that Samsung’s headset has a pixel density of over 3,000 pixels per square inch (PPI), making for a very sharp screen. By comparison, the Apple Vision Pro offers roughly 3,400 PPI. Either way, we’ve previously heard claims that Samsung decided to delay the headset in order to better compete with Apple’s product. But I’m not sure if anyone had smell-o-vision on the list of improvements to fight the Vision Pro.

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