Google Pixel 7a Retail Box Leak Hero


  • A number of Pixel 7a phones have ended up on eBay.
  • Some of the units have been sold and some are still on sale.
  • The Pixel 7a is expected to launch next week.

As we inch closer to Google I/O, anticipation over the Pixel 7a’s release only continues to build. While many are patiently waiting for the official launch, some are jumping ahead and buying units off of eBay.

First spotted by If-you-seek-amy on Reddit, it appears some sellers on eBay got their hands on the Pixel 7a a little early. And surprise surprise, they are selling the phone to anybody willing to throw money their way.

The listings reveal the phone’s specs, like dual-SIM support, a Tensor G2 chip, 5G and Bluetooth connectivity, and more. But at this point, we already know all of that information thanks to earlier leaks.

Although it’s not uncommon to occasionally see phones on eBay before their launch, this situation is slightly different. The sheer number of Pixel 7as up for sale is a little shocking.

At first, there were several listings up on the website with prices ranging from $449 up to $550. For reference, the official price of the Pixel 7a is expected to be $499. But in our last check, that number has dwindled down to four, with the cheapest option being the white 128GB model.

While it may to tempting to head on over to eBay to pick up one for yourself, we recommend that you don’t. Even if the seller is legit, there’s a possibility Google could just remotely disable these phones. That would essentially turn the phone into just a fancy brick. Not to mention, the launch is only days away.

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Several Pixel 7a units spotted on eBay ahead of launch

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