Some Pixel Watch and Watch 2 users reporting battery drain following latest updates

While the first Pixel Watch was notorious for poor battery life, its sequel largely solved the problem. However, following recent updates, battery life on Pixel Watch seems to be taking a hit.

Across Reddit and Google’s forums, there are growing reports of Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 owners noticing that their battery life has been worse especially since installing the June 2024 update. Google started rolling out that update on June 11.

Those affected have noticed that their smartwatches are draining far more quickly, with some users saying they’re seeing the watch run dry by mid-day. Some have found that a restart or reset helps.

Battery issues with Pixel Watch and Watch 2 haven’t been uncommon following updates, though, but this latest round of issues seems to be more widespread than it has been compared to other updates so far this year.

Just last week we asked the 9to5Google community how their Pixel Watch 2 units have been aging, noting in the post that we’ve noticed some worsening battery life on our end. Our Jordan Floyd also brought up that the latest updates have been affecting the battery life on his Watch 2 as well. But it’s still not a universal experience for everyone.

Hopefully, if this becomes widespread enough, Google will be able to patch battery life up through a future Pixel Watch update.

What about you? Have you noticed any battery life issues on Pixel Watch or Watch 2?

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