Last updated: October 2nd, 2023 at 05:56 UTC+02:00

Tenstorrent, the company that makes and licenses AI and RISC-V chips and technologies, has announced that it has chosen Samsung Foundry to make its next-generation AI chiplets. The company’s upcoming AI chiplets will be made using Samsung’s advanced 4nm semiconductor fabrication process.

The Canada-based firm designs powerful RISC-V and AI chips for automotive, data centers, and robotics. Tenstorrent’s chiplets are designed to offer scalable power from milliwatts to megawatts so that they can be used in a wide range of applications. To ensure cutting-edge and highest-quality silicon manufacturing, Tenstorrent has decided to use Samsung Foundry’s SF4X (fourth-generation 4nm) process. The chips will be made in Samsung’s new chip plant in Taylor, Texas, in the US.

Legendary chip designer Jim Keller, who has worked with AMD, Apple, Broadcom, Intel, and Tesla earlier in important positions, is the CEO of Tenstorrent. The company is backed by Hyundai Motor Group, Fidelity Ventures, Eclipse Ventures and Real Ventures, and Samsung Catalyst Fund. Jim Keller attended the Samsung Foundry Forum event three months ago.

Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent, said, “Tenstorrent’s focus is on developing high performance compute and delivering these solutions to customers around the world. Samsung Foundry’s commitment to advancing semiconductor technology aligns with our vision for advancing RISC-V and AI and makes them an ideal partner to bring our AI chiplets to market.

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