Google IO 2023 bard using google maps


  • Google Bard will now add images to its responses where it makes sense.
  • Bard can also be asked for images directly.
  • The chatbot will show sources for each image.

From Windows Copilot to AI features coming to the Microsoft Store, Microsoft has been dominating AI news headlines today. Not to be outdone, Google has just announced a new feature coming to Google Bard.

On its Experiment updates page — a page dedicated to listing out changes to Google Bard — Google revealed Bard was given a new function. The AI chatbot now has the ability to provide images along with responses when relevant.

Starting with English responses, Bard can now bring in images from Google Search, so you can get helpful responses with visuals. You can also ask Bard for images directly. Bard will show a source for each image.

For example, the user can submit a prompt asking something like, “What are some must-see sights in New Orleans?” Bard will be able to provide a text response as well as an image of the locations.

bard demo

In addition, users will be able to include images in their prompts. For example, you could submit a picture of two dogs and ask Bard to write a funny caption about both of them. Leveraging Google Lens, Bard will be able to analyze the image, detect the dog breeds, and reply with a few captions.

As for why the feature was implemented, Google says it’s because visualization helps with contextualization.

Images can help you communicate your ideas more effectively. They can bring concepts to life, make recommendations more persuasive, and enhance responses when you ask for visual information.

This feature was actually announced earlier this month during Google I/O. However, it is just now rolling out today on Google Bard.

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The latest update to Bard brings images from Google Search

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