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  • Samsung is reportedly testing early versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 with a 50MP main camera.
  • This could be a major camera upgrade for Samsung’s clamshell foldables if confirmed.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip 5 last month, bringing a long-overdue cover screen upgrade. However, the phone is still stuck with a 12MP+12MP rear camera system.

Now, GalaxyClub has reported that Samsung is already testing early versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 6. But the outlet adds that these early prototypes have a 50MP main camera.

There’s no word on details regarding this camera, and it’s entirely possible that Samsung winds up ditching this 50MP sensor in favor of sticking with a 12MP camera. Nevertheless, this could be a major photography upgrade for the Flip series if it’s indeed confirmed.

Why would a 50MP main camera be a good thing?

Samsung has stuck with a 12MP primary camera since the first Galaxy Z Flip model launched back in 2020. Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 did bring a slightly larger sensor for improved low-light capture, but still stuck with a 12MP resolution. By comparison, rivals like the OPPO Find N2 Flip have offered 50MP main cameras.

There are a few benefits to these higher-resolution sensors. For one, these sensors are able to use pixel-binning to deliver cleaner, brighter shots in low-light situations. Furthermore, these cameras can also deliver more detail when shooting at their native resolutions in daytime conditions.

Another notable benefit is that 50MP+ cameras can also deliver improved digital zoom via image cropping. Finally, a 50MP main camera would open the door for 8K video recording, which requires a ~33MP sensor. Either way, we hope Samsung indeed brings camera hardware upgrades to the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

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