Back in September, T-Mobile introduced a way for potential customers to try out their nationwide network free for 3 months. This week, Verizon is launching a similar effort. The main difference is that Verizon must feel pretty confident in what it offers, as potential customers will only get 30 days of free usage, not 3 months like T-Mobile is offering.

Should you have a compatible device, you’ll simply download the My Verizon app via a QR code on Verizon’s site and then do the setup process. This is all made possible by the wonderful world of eSIMs.

Once enrolled in Test Drive, customers get to use Verizon’s network to its full extent (5G Ultra Wideband, nationwide 5G, etc.), unlimited talk and text, up to 100GB of 4G/5G data, plus the assurance that Test Drive doesn’t cost a single penny and no credit check is required. You can use it and keep it or use it and forget it. Entirely up to you.

Below you can read the requirements for Test Drive. Pretty straightforward stuff. As for which phones are compatible, look here. To make your life easy, I can tell you. Essentially all newer Pixel and Samsung Galaxy, as well as iPhone devices are supported.

Verizon Test Drive Requirements:

  • Your phone must be unlocked from your existing carrier
  • You can’t have been a Verizon customer in the past year or used the phone you are test driving with on Verizon in the past year
  • You don’t need to give Verizon any credit card information
  • You have to sign up through the QR code that’s on the FAQ page (here)
  • Your phone needs to be one of the eligible phones on the FAQ page (here)
  • This is an early access program and Verizon is improving the experience in real time as they get feedback

Like is mentioned above, this program is still in the early stages, so if you experience issues, don’t be shocked. On the upside, your existing mobile plan remains entirely intact, so should you have issues, simply revert to your other SIM in your phone’s settings.

// Verizon

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