Google Pixel Fold watching video


  • Google has revealed a ton of Pixel Fold details in a new and unlisted video.
  • The clip shows the Pixel Fold used in a variety of scenarios, including Flex Mode.

Google gave us a sneak peek at the Pixel Fold a few days ago, showing off the large foldable ahead of the launch today. Now, it looks like a full-fledged video ad has appeared online.

9to5Google spotted a link to an unlisted Google Pixel Fold video on YouTube. The two-minute and 37-second clip briefly stars NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo and several other players, showing off the device in a variety of situations. Check out the clip below.

For one, the clip shows Antetokounmpo on a Google Meet video call, with the app seamlessly switching from the smartphone display to the unfolded screen mid-call. The Pixel Fold is also shown in a Flex Mode-style orientation, with partygoers able to take hands-free selfies by simply saying “Hey Google, take a selfie.”

Additionally, the video shows the Pixel Fold’s Samsung-style ability to take selfies with the main camera by using the smartphone screen as the viewfinder. We also get a look at Magic Eraser on the big screen. Finally, we get a peek at Google Meet in Flex Mode, featuring the video call window in the top half and associated controls in the lower half. The outlet even spotted what appears to be an orange Pixel 7a in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene. Check out the screenshots below.

Either way, the video gives us a good look at how the Pixel Fold is using the foldable phone form factor. But we hope to see a few more uses for Flex Mode, such as for long exposures and astrophotography, or for video playback.

There’s no shortage of Pixel Fold leaks at this point, with the device tipped to pack a Tensor G2 processor, a flexible triple rear camera system, and 256GB of base storage. Otherwise, we’ve only got a few more hours to wait until all is revealed.

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Watch: Google jumps the gun, shows the Pixel Fold in all its glory

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Watch: Google jumps the gun, shows the Pixel Fold in all its glory

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