• A Google Pixel 7a teardown video is already available on YouTube.
  • The teardown goes about how one would expect, with minimal changes from Google’s usual practices.
  • The Pixel 7a launches on May 10, a full five days from the posting of this video.


Yesterday, we saw a full hands-on video for the Google Pixel 7a. This was interesting because the Pixel 7a hasn’t launched yet. Talk about the early bird! Now, we have yet another pre-launch video hitting YouTube days before Google launches the phone.

The PBKreviews YouTube channel just posted a Google Pixel 7a teardown video. We’ve mirrored it for you above. As with most teardown videos you’ve seen before, the host meticulously removes parts of the device and explains what’s happening with each component. The host gives the phone a repairability score of 7.5/10.

It doesn’t appear that Google has changed up any of its habits with the Pixel 7a. Like other Pixels, it still doesn’t have a removable charging port, for example. This makes the repair of the port — one of the easiest things to break on a smartphone — more challenging to repair. In Google’s defense, few manufacturers make this port easily removable, but seeing the trend continue isn’t very reassuring.

The video also confirms some rumors we’ve already heard. The battery, for example, clearly states that its typical capacity is 4,385mAh. That’s a little larger than the Pixel 7’s battery, which is 4,355mAh. It also affirms the model number to be GP5JE.

Google will launch the Pixel 7a on May 10 during the Google I/O keynote. After that date, we’ll probably see more Google Pixel 7a teardown videos from popular channels, including JerryRigEverything. Stay tuned!

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Watch the Pixel 7a get torn apart so you can check out its insides

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