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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video] | Sounds Nerdy
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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

When you’ve potentially spent upwards of $1,199 on the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra, you might want to keep that gorgeous high refresh rate panel protected. There are tons of options at various price points, but one brand that keeps on producing some of the most expensive screen protectors is Whitestone. Is the latest Whitestone Dome Glass worth for the Galaxy S23 Ultra? We’ve tested them to find out.

Expensive protection: What’s the deal?

The official retail price of the Whitestone Dome Glass is $49.99 for a two-pack with discounts dropping that to $39.99. This equates to around $20-25 per screen protector as you get a few little extras thrown in for good measure. Using this pricing model and comparing to the $259 screen repair price for the Galaxy S23 Ultra that’s 10% of the cost to rectify any damage to your phone screen.

Having tested lots of screen protectors for a range of devices, it’s easy to see why people choose Whitestone for display protection. Each screen protector feels closer to the actual glass of the S23 Ultra display. It’s not quite the same but the feeling is about as close as you’ll get with protection applied. For whatever reason, Samsung has stopped offering pre-applied screen protectors and this is a huge annoyance.

I’ve actually noted that the screen on Galaxy S23 Ultra is more prone to scratches this year. My review unit has two substantial gashes in the center of the screen and I’m actually unsure how it happened. I can only guess that something sharp was in my pocket or I caught the screen on a pocket zipper. For that reason, I regret not seeking screen protection sooner and I suggest that you do the same.

Installation process

One of the biggest problems with the Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra is the finicky installation process; you need patience and time to get your phone screen covered. The UV-bonded adhesive also can be frustrating as leakage can cause a mess that you’ll need to thoroughly clean.

Because the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a curved screen, the thought process with this method means you should get a better and more consistent fit. The process takes around 5-10 minutes from start to finish, and you can follow Whitestone’s official instructions below:

Here’s everything that comes in the box:

  • UV curing light (USB-C)
  • Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive absorption pads
  • Mounting frame
  • Position bridge for adhesive
  • Pin loaders
  • Speaker masking film
  • Connector masking film
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal stickers
  • Screen protector removal card

Whitestone does offer lifetime warranties for each screen protector, but as we noted in our Pixel 7 hands-on, you will need to keep the UV curing light. Replacement screen protectors do not ship with this essential extra. Just keep it around in case you need it again.

The fit and finish

If you’ve ever purchased a Whitestone Dome Glass before, then you will likely have some sort of idea of what to expect if you choose to pick one up for any Galaxy S23 series device. The tempered glass reaches almost all the way to the edges, but with enough room so that all official and 99.9% of third-party cases you’ll ever use will fit without pinching or overlapping the edges.

As I noted earlier, in my experience the Galaxy S23 Ultra screen is not as durable as I expected. Getting something that closely mimics the feel of the “real” screen without adding a tacky or mushy feeling is something I personally really value. While Samsung has reduced the screen curves on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, true edge protection is still not possible. If you drop your phone without a case protecting these precious and prominent edges, it’s game over.

So long as you closely follow the installation process, the fit and finish you’ll attain on your smartphone are genuinely tough to beat. What I really love here is that each “Dome Glass” protector even has its own oleophobic coating. Over time this might break down, but for a long time, it should deflect dirt, grime, and fingerprints almost as well as the original display.

The smooth glass feels premium and so long as you re-register your fingerprint data, the unlocking process is just as fast as when no screen protector is included. One complaint I have is the U-shaped cutout for the selfie camera. This design choice means that a tiny portion of your Galaxy S23 Ultra screen will be exposed and prone to greater lint build-up.

What is most annoying is that it’s unlike the circular hole used on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Whitestone Dome Glass. Selfies and video calls aren’t going to be affected so long as you brush or wipe away any excess adhesive after the initial application process. I’m still not sure why a full-screen cover isn’t viable as the in-display fingerprint scanner actually worked just fine for me. I’d say it’s a minor nitpick, but one that I don’t really get.

Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Worth $50?

This is the crux of the problem for Whitestone for just about any device. Can $50 for two screen protectors really be justified? In most cases that answer is likely going to be “no.” In that instance, go and grab a TPU multi-pack for under $10.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t get any camera cutout protection included like on many other devices. Instead, you’ll need to purchase additional camera ring protectors. Priced at $17, I think these are pointless as a good case will alleviate any scratch risk to camera lenses. Adding extra layers to the camera glass can also negatively impact the quality of your photos and videos.

Where I think that the value proposition is solid is the lifespan of each screen protector. The unique UV bonding process ensures that the Whitestone Dome Glass is properly glued to your Galaxy S23 Ultra screen. This adhesive can hide existing scuffs and scratches, plus it won’t snag or buckle around the seams like some cheaper flexible TPU screen protectors. Samsung’s official screen protection is made from TPU and starts at $29.99 for a 2-pack. I think that makes the Whitestone Dome Glass a better option in many ways.

Throw in that lifetime warranty and the expensive entry costs become more palatable. I’m sure most people would rather pay $39.99 or $49.99 for years of protection rather than $259 to replace a screen outright. A case and screen protector combo will also be cheaper than years of monthly insurance payments.

Buy the Whitestone Dome Glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

What cheaper alternatives should I take a look at?

Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

Because the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a curved screen, it’s still a difficult task getting good quality tempered glass screen protectors. In most instances, we’d suggest opting for TPU screen protection, which ensures that the edges are at least protected from scuffs and dings. Luckily, there are options available for under $15 from a variety of online stores, but we’ve found the following options to be solid:

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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

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Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Ultimate display protection? [Video]

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