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‘Wi-Fi Labs’ appear in Google Home app for some  


Rear ethernet ports of the Nest Wifi Pro

Some Google Home app users are seeing “Wi-Fi Labs” for their Nest Wifi router to try out experimental features. This might be an internal capability that was accidentally made available outside the intended test pool.  

At least one user today is seeing “Wi-Fi Labs” (above the factory reset option) in the “Network settings” menu, which is accessible from the Wi-Fi page.

This page is pitched as letting you try “new features” for your Google/Nest Wifi router. Of particular note is the ability to “Update AP Software Channel” to stable, beta, or dev. There’s a dogfood icon next to this menu. 

You then get two toggles:

  • Safe Filtering By Default – Primary Network 
    • Block adult content on primary network devices by default
  • Safe Filtering By Default – Guest Network 
    • Block adult content on guest network devices by default

Credit: u/Interesting_Ad2690

There’s also a “VLAN” (virtual local area network) field and the ability to “Upload diagnostic reports from all access points in your Wifi network.”

These five options seem more catered towards Googler testing rather than something user-facing. If you do have Wi-Fi Labs, Google might remove it from the Home app at any time.

Meanwhile, the Nest Wifi Pro received its most recent software update in November, and the idea of beta testing new firmware, like on Nest Displays, speakers, and Chromecast, might be appealing for some users.

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‘Wi-Fi Labs’ appear in Google Home app for some  

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‘Wi-Fi Labs’ appear in Google Home app for some  

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