When YouTube TV announced its new multiview feature earlier in the week, we almost couldn’t contain our immediate excitement knowing the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament was days away. But then we realized that Google was only planning to rollout the feature at random in a limited capacity, so we may not have been a part of the early access group during the first (and best) few days of the tourney.

As it turns out, YouTube TV support is taking requests for access to multiview and it may get you into the multi-channel action before the weekend ends.

Last night, I spotted a reddit thread with a few folks suggesting they had reached out to YouTube TV support to ask for access. Support reps had apparently told them they were then whitelisting people and that it could take up to a day to get their account access. I figured, why not give it a shot?

So I went through talking to support chat, filled out a form that YouTube TV pointed me to, and sure enough this morning I had access. That picture above was snapped with my Galaxy S23, so ignore the quality and simply nod at the process.

Here’s the deal this morning – the world is realizing you can ask YouTube TV for access and the line is getting long. At the moment, chat has a 2-hour wait (callbacks are at 50 minutes) and then who knows how long it’ll take from there to get your account access. Still, it might be worth it.

How to get YouTube TV multiview access:

  1. Head to the YouTube TV Help page and fill out this form to initiate a chat with support.
  2. Once the chat goes live, you can tell the rep you want multiview access and they should tell you that they will add your name to the list and it could take a while to get you live.
  3. During my process last night, YouTube TV also directed me to this separate form to get added to the list. Feel free to try it as well.

Apologies to YouTube TV support for the non-stop requests today, but we do appreciate the help. Now, time for multiview.

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You Can Ask YouTube TV Support for Multiview Access

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You Can Ask YouTube TV Support for Multiview Access

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