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  • Google is working on a widget for Bard AI.
  • It’s unknown if it will be a standalone app or a part of the Google search app.
  • The widget is set to be exclusive to Pixel phones for now.

One of the many advantages Microsoft has over Google in the AI arms race is integration. Microsoft’s AI is deeply integrated with Microsoft’s products, but the same isn’t true for Bard and Google’s products. However, that could change with an integrated Bard widget according to an APK teardown.

The folks over at 9to5Google have decompiled the latest version of the application uploaded to the Play Store. After looking into the code, the outlet found that Google is working on a Bard AI widget for phones.

It’s important to note that APK insights, such as this, only reveal potential features. There is no guarantee that Google will ever release these features to the public.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on what the widget will do. We also don’t know if this will be a standalone app or if it will be a part of the Google search app.

Bard has a number of capabilities, like generating drafts in documents and summarizing emails. Most recently, Google added the ability to help with coding and creating Google Sheets functions. Given its variety of functions, it’s probably safe to assume this Bard widget will do more than just act as a host for conversations.

If you were hoping that this widget would come to your Galaxy S23 Ultra or other Android phone, you may be out of luck. It appears the app is set to be an exclusive for Pixel phones. However, there’s nothing suggesting that this won’t come to other Android devices down the line.

As Google tries to keep up with its AI competitors, we can likely expect the company to continue to put its AI products anywhere it can. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Google also has something Bard-related in store for its upcoming Pixel Tablet.

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Your Pixel phone’s main screen may become the home of a Bard AI widget

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