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YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, is reportedly in talks with major music labels for permission to use more songs to create AI-generated music. This move appears to be part of YouTube’s broader strategy to compete with other companies in the AI music space, like OpenAI and Meta.

The talks are said to be focused on securing licensing deals with Universal, Sony, and Warner. These deals would allow YouTube to use artists’ music for AI training in exchange for one-off payments. This move is notable because it comes just days after these same music labels filed lawsuits against AI music generators Udio and Suno for alleged copyright infringement.

YouTube has already experimented with AI-generated music through a tool called “Dream Track” for Shorts. This tool allowed a select group of creators to generate unique versions of songs in the style of various artists with their consent. YouTube now wants to expand its collection of artists and songs for AI music generation, but not necessarily for Dream Tracks.

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YouTube’s “Dream Track” experiment for Shorts launched in 2023 and involves AI music generation with the permission of a number of artists

The company’s interest in AI-generated music aligns with Google’s broader AI strategy. Google has already announced a Music AI Incubator in partnership with Universal Music Group and has published YouTube’s AI music principles, promising to “embrace it responsibly together with our music partners.”

However, the rise of AI-generated music has also raised concerns among musicians. Many artists worry about the potential threats AI poses to human creativity and fair compensation. An open letter signed by over 200 artists, including Billie Eilish and Stevie Wonder, denounced the use of AI in music, particularly when it involves training AI models with music without the artist’s consent.

Meanwhile, YouTube requires creators to label videos made with generative AI, or they risk facing penalties. Artists can also request the removal of AI-generated music uploaded without their permission. As licensing deals with AI companies are becoming increasingly common, it will be interesting to see how different platforms balance this new world of AI vs human creativity.

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