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The war between Google’s YouTube and viewers who opt to use ad blockers is one that has raged on longer than the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Google makes its money off ads, so it isn’t much of a surprise that the company will do whatever it can to make sure that you watch those ads (or pay not to).

The newest trick up Google’s sleeve seems to be finding a way to stick the ads directly into a video stream, rather than having them appear as a separate segment in the videos you watch on YouTube. Theoretically, this would likely make it harder for software to detect the ad and get rid of it for you.

YouTube Might Inject Ads Directly Into Videos To Beat AdBlock 1
Image: Pete Holden/TalkAndroid

When you’re watching a video on YouTube and an ad pops up, Google presents it to you separately from the video that you’re watching. From a developer perspective, this is likely the easiest way to put ads in between and around content and it’s how Google has been doing it for a long time. The only problem is that this seems to make it easier to program ad blockers that detect those separate ad segments and block them for you.

This is why it seems like the tech giant is moving to a new model that utilizes what is called “server-side ad injection”. This info comes from the developer of the extension SponsorBlock, which works to skip those sponsored segments built into videos. In fact, think of those sponsored segments as similar to what YouTube is planning to do. The new model will put ads directly into a video instead of in a separate segment. This will make it a lot harder for ad blockers to be able to tell where the video is, which means it’s harder to skip them.

YouTube is currently experimenting with server-side ad injection. This means that the ad is being added directly into the video stream.

This breaks sponsorblock since now all timestamps are offset by the ad times.

— SponsorBlock ( (@SponsorBlock) June 12, 2024

As you must know, Google doesn’t want that because it makes a lot of money from having eyes on ads, and the more, the better. This is why it has constantly been fighting against folks who choose to use free ad blockers to dodge the built-in ads. The feature is still in the testing phase, so your ad blockers might not get broken yet, but you may find it is just a matter of time.

Again, This Also Serves As Part Of YouTube’s Push To Get You On Its Official Alternative

YouTube Might Inject Ads Directly Into Videos To Beat AdBlock 2
Image: Ayomide Sadiq/Talk Android

YouTube Premium is the paid tier of YouTube, as we all must know by now, and it gives you a lot of additional features, the most notable of which is the complete removal of ads. I’ve been on YouTube Premium for several years now and it is one of the few subscriptions that I think is entirely worth it, especially for people who frequently use YouTube for entertainment.

I understand it if not everyone wants to pay when there are free alternatives available, but is it worth living your life looking over your shoulder as Google pursues you endlessly?

Through Tecno, Gionee, Vivo, Google, and now Samsung, Ayomide has always been an Android enthusiast. His current partner in crime is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can find him playing Candy Crush or Call of Duty: Mobile, watching movies, and he is a big fan of trivia and quizzes.

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