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YouTube Music testing AI generated radio stations – Phandroid

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YouTube Music testing AI generated radio stations – Phandroid

AI is making its way into many apps and services these days. It looks like YouTube Music is one of them. According to a report from 9to5Google, it looks like YouTube is testing out a new AI feature for YouTube Music which will allow users to use prompts to generate a custom radio station.

The problem with radio stations is that sometimes the songs or genre might not be up your alley. With this new YouTube Music AI feature, users can type prompts that let you ask for music and it will create one on the fly. For example, instead of asking it specifically for genres, you can create playlists by asking for songs that have catchy choruses.

It’s actually a pretty cool feature. If this sounds familiar, it is because last month, an APK teardown of the YouTube Music app revealed that this is a feature in the works. According to the 9to5Google report, YouTube is now testing it in the wild. It isn’t widely available to many users yet, so maybe it isn’t quite ready for prime time.

Also, it does not mention if users will require having a YouTube Premium subscription in order to access this new feature. This is because YouTube Music is part of having the Premium subscription. Either way, hopefully we’ll have more details about this feature in the future.

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