YouTube tests AI that lets you ‘Ask’ questions about videos and summarize comments

In addition to generative AI for Creators, YouTube is now testing a conversational AI for end users that lets them ask questions about videos and navigate comments more easily.

A new “Ask” button on the video page will let you “interact with AI to learn more about the content.” Responses are generated by large language models (LLMs), though which isn’t specified, and “draw on info” from YouTube, as well as the web. 

For example, you can ask questions about the video you’re watching or choose a suggested prompt like “recommend related content.” 

Other notes include:

  • “When you interact with this tool, we will collect data around your use of the tool, as well as queries and feedback you submit. This data helps us to provide, improve, and develop our products and services. Queries will be deleted automatically after 30 days.”
  • “No, your conversations aren’t being used to show you ads. If this changes, we will clearly communicate the change to you.”

This is rolling out starting today for some users, while US English (18+) YouTube Premium subscribers have the ability to opt in via in the coming weeks using the Android app. “Ask” will appear “for select English videos.”

Meanwhile, YouTube is also using AI to organize “large comment sections of long-form videos into easily digestible themes.” When you open comments on mobile, you might see a new “Topics” section on certain videos. It appears alongside the “Top” and “Newest” sort options.

Creators will be able to “remove any comment topics,” as well as delete “individual comments that show up under the specific topic.”

Creators can use these comment summaries to more quickly jump into comment discussions on their videos, or to draw inspiration for new content based on what their audiences are discussing. 

This will also be available as part of “on a small number of videos in English that have large comment sections” starting today.

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