We are still a couple of months out from the start of the 2023 MLB season, but YouTube TV subscribers who love the MLB Network may need to start looking elsewhere for a provider. Today, YouTube TV announced that they did not renew their deal with the baseball channel and will stop carrying it starting today.

In an email sent to subscribers, YouTube TV says after negotiating and “working hard” to renew their deal with MLB Network, they were “unable to reach an agreement.” MLB Network content will disappear from the streaming service starting today, January 31. Because the channel is disappearing, you will also lose access to any previous Library recordings you may have had.

This may not be the end, though. YouTube TV makes it clear that they are having continued conversations about carrying MLB Network and that could happen down the road. Should that happen, content could then be restored too.

Here’s the full email going out to YouTube TV customers:

Hi Kellen,

We have been working hard to renew our deal with the MLB Network to continue carrying their content on YouTube TV. However, we have been unable to reach an agreement, and starting today, January 31, 2023, MLB Network content will no longer be available on YouTube TV. You will also lose access to any previous Library recordings from this channel. Members will be able to continue watching select national MLB games via coverage on FOX, ESPN, and TBS through our Base Plan. We also provide the flexibility to pause or cancel your membership anytime.

We apologize for the news and will continue conversations with the MLB to advocate on your behalf, in the hope of restoring their content on YouTube TV.

As always, thank you for being a YouTube TV member, and for your patience and understanding.

The YouTube TV team

We’ll let you know if they are able to re-add MLB Network.

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YouTube TV Loses MLB Network

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YouTube TV Loses MLB Network

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YouTube TV Loses MLB NetworkYouTube TV Loses MLB Network

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