Foldable display technology shouldn’t just be limited to smartphones, at least that’s what Samsung seems to be thinking. We can’t help but agree. So where do we go from here, now that we’re all a bit used to foldable smartphones?

Well, the sky is certainly the limit, but for Samsung, the next frontier seems to be laptops. The company has showcased how it intends to bring its foldable OLED display technology to laptops.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Samsung Display gave us an opportunity to see a new display technology concept called the Flex Note. The idea behind this concept is to expand the foldable panel technology to laptop sizes.

The prototype that it showed off was essentially one big display panel. It functions like a 13-inch laptop when folded and as a 17-inch wide monitor when unfolded. Yet again, the company reveals just how versatile its foldable technology enables devices to be.

A future device that uses the Flex Note technology could function both as a laptop and even a portable monitor. Users could carry it around and deploy it either as a workstation or as an external monitor for another computer. The in-folding nature of the panel also means that the display remains protected from damage and scratches side it closes on itself.

Granted, this is just a prototype for now and it can’t be said for sure when this technology might be used for a consumer product. We can only hope that it does, who wouldn’t want a laptop as versatile as this!

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