(Pocket-lint) – Panasonic has announced its flagship OLED TV for 2022, which includes a 77-inch model for the first time, plus a host of new gaming features.

The Panasonic LZ2000 TV comes in three sizes – 55-, 65- and the additional 77-incher. It is tuned in “Hollywood” to an updated, 2022 Master OLED Pro configuration, and features picture optimisation for ambient light temperature.

This latter functionality uses sensors to assess the light colour temperature in your viewing room, whether it is day or night, and adjusts the image automatically to present a more natural look.

Many UK homes, for example, use warm white light bulbs at night, which can make white response on the TV look more bluish to the naked eye. The new mode, combined with Panasonic’s proprietary Auto AI feature, tweaks this.

Auto AI is now also smarter, with better detection of the type of content you are watching to adjust both picture and sound quality.

Audio is also better served with pinpoint directional sound added to Panasonic’s 360-degree Soundscape technology. This delivers sound formats, such as Dolby Atmos, through built-in upward, side and front-firing speakers.

Picture formats supported include Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, Filmmaker Mode, HDR10+ Adapative and HLG Photo.

In terms of gaming, the Panasonic LZ2000 adds a “Game Control Board”. This is a menu that collates all relevant game settings in the one place. Access can be assigned to one of the buttons on the remote.

In it, you will see relevant picture information coming from the source – such as frame rate and HDR metadata – plus sliders to turn on and off certain game modes. Dark Visibility Enhancer, for example, enables the user to granularly adjust the black areas of the screen to better see enemies hiding in the shadows.

SPD Auto Game Mode is another new feature. This ensures the TV automatically optimises input lag and VRR settings when detecting HDMI 2.1 4K HFR/VRR-supporting NVIDIA GPUs – ideal for PC gamers.

Panasonic also claims to have reduced the input lag for games running in 60Hz. While 4K 120Hz is also supported through HDMI 2.1 ports now included as standard.

Availability and pricing for the Panasonic LZ2000 OLED TV models are yet to be announced.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 4 January 2022.

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