All eyes on the Zenfone 10 1


  • ASUS is inviting feedback from users for the Zenfone 10 through a camera blind test.
  • The terms and conditions of the promotion accidentally leaked the pricing of the phone.
  • The ASUS Zenfone 10 could launch at $749 for its base variant.

The ASUS Zenfone 9 was one of the best compact phones released last year, with great performance, great cameras, and surprisingly good battery life for its size. ASUS is hoping to follow up with the Zenfone 10 this year, and it hopes to capture some of the same magic from the predecessor. There may be some good news on the horizon for ASUS fans, as the pricing for the Zenfone 10 has leaked straight from ASUS, and it might be cheaper than expected.

ASUS recently launched a website to facilitate blind testing for the Zenfone 10’s camera. The website is inviting users to vote on a series of photos, and the feedback received on the same will help tune the upcoming phone’s camera. Users will also be entered into a lucky draw to win a Zenfone 10 after it launches.

All eyes on Zenfone 10

Eagle-eyed enthusiast Wichaya Poka spotted that the terms and conditions on the website actually disclosed the approximate retail value of the Zenfone 10 as $749.

All eyes on Zenfone 10 Leaked pricing

C. ASUS provides three (3) Zenfone 10 as the prizes of this Promotion (each, a “Prize”) in total. Each Prize is with an approximate retail value at USD 749.

The wording leaves room for a different price, but it’s safe to conclude that ASUS will be hovering around the Zenfone 9’s launch pricing and not doing anything drastically different. Usually, phones given as rewards from promotional contests are the base variant, so we can hope to see the Zenfone 10 start at $749 if ASUS’s own words are to be believed.

The Zenfone 9 came in at $699 for the base 8GB/128GB version, $749 for the 8GB/256GB version, and $799 for the 16GB/256GB version. The leaked pricing for the Zenfone 10 does not mention the RAM or storage variant, so we cannot conclude if the phone is seeing a price increase as previous leaks have mentioned that the phone will come with 16GB RAM and options of 256GB and 512GB of internal storage.

The Zenfone 10 is expected to go with a bigger 6.3-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, and a 200MP primary camera with OIS as its highlight features. The phone is expected to have a 5,000mAh battery with 67W fast charging support, and it may also have an IP68 rating. We’ll have to wait a few more months for the phone to launch and see which of these specs pan out.

Thanks to Wichaya Poka for the tip!

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ASUS accidentally leaks ZenFone 10’s pricing

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