Asus isn’t really known for its smartwatches, which is why the Taiwanese company has decided back in 2017 to kill its ZenWatch lineup of Android Wear watches. Despite the fact that Asus does have a pretty decent portfolio of wearable devices, low sales pushed the company to stop making certain smartwatches.

Nowadays, Asus’ smartwatches are more fitness oriented and not as mainstream as the ZenWatch family. Specifically, the VivoWatch line is known for its health-tracking features and very decent prices.

Earlier today, Asus announced a brand-new wearable device, the VivoWatch 6. What makes this one interesting is that it’s the world’s first smartwatch featuring fingertip-based blood pressure and ECG measurements.

Featuring a 1.39-inch AMOLED Gorilla Glass touchscreen with 350 nits peak brightness, dual-frequency GPS, and a battery that promises up to 14 days of usage in Power-Saving mode, the VivoWatch 6 feels like a very decent smartwatch, not just a health-tracking wearable device.

Asus revealed that its VivoWatch 6 is equipped with two sets of medical-grade ECG and PPG sensors. Also, the outer ring of the smartwatch features a bioelectrical impedance (BIA) sensor designed to measure body composition.

Asus VivoWatch 6 | Image credits – Asus

When you position your thumb and index finger on the watch face sensor, you should have it display your body fat and skeletal muscle percentages, water content, and basal metabolic rate, which sounds no short of amazing.

Additionally, Asus’ wonder device can monitor the balance of the autonomic nervous system and uses heart rate variability as the basis to calculate the Relaxation Index. This is good when you want to know your stress levels. And with the Body Harmony Analysis, the wearer will get their daily emotional status over certain periods of time.

As far as availability goes, Asus didn’t confirm when the VivoWatch 6 will be available for purchase, but the company did announce that the smartwatch costs £110 / €130 / $140. That’s incredibly cheap for a wearable device that does so many things.

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