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After doing a quiet, limited rollout out of its 5G home internet service this past spring, AT&T has officially announced “Internet Air” with availability in 16 major US markets. Here are all the details on price, performance, and more.

Over the last several years, AT&T has watched Verizon and T-Mobile build out their 5G home internet for tens of millions of customers with appealing incentives. Now AT&T has officially jumped into the market with its own 5G home service called AT&T Internet Air.

AT&T announced the news and shared the details of the offering in a blog post and press release.

AT&T Internet Air price and details

AT&T is mirroring much of what Verizon and T-Mobile offer with their 5G home internet services including a discount for existing wireless customers, no contracts, included modem/router, free self-installation, and more.

  • $35/month with eligible AT&T wireless plan, $55/month without (both with autopay)
  • Free self-installation with equipment included
  • No contract or overage fees
  • 7-day free trial
  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) eligible
  • Download speeds between 40-140 Mbps
  • Upload speeds between 5-25 Mbps

As it happens, the included modem/router looks like a giant AirPods Pro case 😁.

Check AT&T Internet Air availability

While AT&T will certainly lag behind T-Mobile and Verizon for some time – as they currently service 50+ million and 30+ million homes, respectively – Internet Air is now available in parts of 16 major US metro areas.

AT&T notes coverage is available in parts of the following cities/regions (not across all of each area):

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Phoenix (Prescott), AZ
  • Chicago, IL
  • Detroit, MI
  • Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI
  • Hartford-New Haven, CT
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
  • Portland, OR
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Seattle-Tacoma, WA
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota), FL

9to5Mac’s take

While Verizon and T-Mobile have a big lead, it’s great to see AT&T diving into the market to offer more competition.

AT&T Internet Air is slower than both Verizon and T-Mobile’s 5G home internet at a top download speed of 140 Mbps vs 240 Mbps for T-Mobile and up to 1 Gbps for Verizon. But on the bright side, customers who were on AT&T’s slow DSL now have a faster and more affordable option.

And customers that already have AT&T wireless can get 5G home internet at a discounted price of $35/month instead of having to switch to Verizon or T-Mobile to get a bundle deal.

AT&T says more locations are in the works and hopefully, we’ll see the performance improve soon too.

We’ll update our 5G home internet comparison guide shortly, in the meantime, here’s a detailed look at Verizon and T-Mobile’s offerings:

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AT&T Internet Air arrives as the company’s 5G home service in these 16 cities – 9to5Mac

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