Beyerdynamic Verio 200 headphones on an orange background

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Beyerdynamic’s headphones are legendary – I’ve got a pair of their studio headphones on my desk that are the best headphones I’ve ever owned – and today its bringing that expertise to the world of the best open-ear headphones with the launch of the Verio 200 Open True Wireless Headphones, which promise stunning sound without removing your situational awareness.

Designed for active lifestyles and busy environments, the Verio 200 are comparatively light at 10.8g per earphone, are sweat resistant and splashproof to IP54, and come in three colors: sober options of black or cream and a funkier orange and black. But it’s the sound and call quality that should set these apart from their fellow over-ears.

Beyerdynamic Verio headphones in their case

(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic Verio 200: key features and price

Open-ear headphones sit outside your ear canals and direct the sound into them. That means they’re a good option for anyone who doesn’t like the slightly odd feeling of the best earbuds, and it also means that ambient audio isn’t blocked – important for safety in busy environments, or for ensuring you don’t miss your train or airplane announcements. 

The Beyerdynamics use aptX Adaptive/Lossless to stream high-quality audio over Bluetooth 5.3, and they also boast twin microphones with Qualcomm’s Clear Voice Capture noise adaptation to supposedly deliver better-quality speech in phone, voice and video calls. Frequency range is 20-20,000Hz and you can expect up to 35 hours of total runtime: up to 8 hours from the headphones in a single charge, and a further 27 hours via the USB-C charging case.

The earphones have voice control as well as customizable touch control that you can change via their companion phone app, and the app also enables you to adjust audio settings.

The Verio 200 are on sale now from Beyerdynamic’s store for $219.99 (about £173 / AU$330).

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