The CMF Watch Pro 2 in orange.

(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)

What you need to know

  • CMF by Nothing launches its next-gen Watch Pro 2, which features a circular alloy design and a 1.32-inch AMOLED display with swappable bezels.
  • The device’s sports mode offers 120 modes, five of which it can automatically recognize for outdoor and indoor exercises.
  • Consumers can also make and receive calls from the Watch Pro 2 as it features AI-enhanced noise reduction, a microphone, and a built-in speaker.
  • The CMF Watch Pro 2 is available for $69.

In a flurry of new CMF by Nothing products, one device to watch (no pun intended) is the latest Watch Pro 2.

The sequel to CMF by Nothing’s original Watch Pro offers a circular face difference instead of an Apple-reminiscent rectangle. As detailed in its press notes, CMF states consumers will experience a sleek, aluminum alloy case encasing the Watch Pro 2’s new shape. Greeting users is a smaller 1.32-inch AMOLED always-on display with a 466×466 resolution compared to the Watch Pro.

The company adds users can pick from over 100 watch faces, including static options to compliment its always-on function. Additionally, there is a selection of “dynamic videos” and “interactive designs” for the watch face. Swiping right from the device’s home display opens up the Watch Pro 2’s array of widgets. These customizable additions involve your health and fitness data, the weather, schedule management, music controls, and more.

Users can hop into the CMF Watch app to customize their widgets.

Another headliner for the Watch Pro 2 is CMF’s addition of interchangeable bezels. Consumers will have the choice of a few alloy rings that they can pop on or off to alter the look of their device. The interchangeable bezels are offered in curved and flat versions.

What’s more, pushing the Watch Pro 2’s crown in and rotating it lets users scroll up and down the app list. There are a few gesture controls, as well, such as rotating your wrist to answer calls, skip songs, or check the weather.

The CMF Watch Pro 2 and a swappable bezel.

(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)

Feature-wise, the Watch Pro 2 offers more than 120 sports modes and it can recognize five sports without manual input. Automatic recognition arrives for outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, and outdoor cycling. CMF adds that the device offers 24/7 heart rate, SpO2, and stress level monitoring.

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Fitness data captured on the Watch Pro 2 can be uploaded to Apple Health, Google Health Connect, and Strava, alongside the watch’s app.

The Watch Pro 2 includes a “Smart Sleep Algorithm.” CMF states this has been upgraded over last year’s, offering data on your sleep, daytime naps, and various sleep stages. Menstrual cycle tracking finds a place on the watch, delivering “smart prompts” and predictions to help users prepare.

With Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, CMF states the Watch Pro 2 can receive and make “crystal clear” calls. This is reportedly thanks to the device’s onboard AI noise reduction technology. Users can add up to 30 contacts on the Watch Pro 2 and take advantage of its microphone and speaker to call directly from the device.

The CMF Watch Pro 2 in multiple colors.

(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)

Powering the Watch Pro 2’s goodies is a 305mAh battery, which CMF estimates will give users 11 days of use with always-on disabled. If users choose to activate the AOD, the device may last for a shorter 9-day period. The latest Watch Pro 2 is said to charge in 100 minutes through its provided cable.

The post adds that the device’s aluminum alloy frame is IP68 water-resistant and supports Android 8 (and higher) alongside iOS 13 (and higher).

Consumers can grab the CMF Watch Pro 2 from or from its partnered retailers.  The device will be available for $69 in the U.S. However, if its additional bezel and watch strap set, that will tack on an additional $19.

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