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CMF’s upcoming smartwatch will let you swap out the bezels


  • The CMF Watch Pro 2 will have interchangeable bezels, aligning with the CMF Phone 1’s modular design for customizable back panels and accessories.
  • CMF has also teased various watch faces for more user customization.
  • The CMF Watch Pro 2 aims to break away from typical smartwatch designs with its innovative aesthetic, potentially redefining market expectations.

CMF, a sub-brand of London-based Nothing, is set to launch its new products on July 8. The big reveal will feature a range of devices, headlined by the CMF Phone 1, and accompanied by the CMF Watch Pro 2 and CMF Buds Pro 2. While most details about the smartwatch are still under wraps, a new teaser from CMF itself showcases a game-changing feature: interchangeable bezels. This aligns with the modular design of the CMF Phone 1, which supports different back panels and accessories, allowing users to customize their devices to their liking.

A collage of the two CMF Phone 1 teasers that we've seen. The two different teasers have been edited together to show what the device might look like.


CMF recently previewed the Watch Pro 2 on its X profile, showcasing how the bezel can be easily removed, suggesting interchangeable options might be available. These bezels could come in different styles or thicknesses, letting users personalize their smartwatch apart from straps and watch faces.

While the functionality remains the same, the ability to change up its look is definitely exciting. Earlier this year, the Xiaomi Watch S3 introduced a similar idea with its interchangeable bezels, paving the way for the future of smartwatch customization.

The Watch Pro 2 marks a major shift from its predecessor, introducing a new design era for CMF smartwatches. CMF previously teased a circular aluminum alloy bezel for the upcoming wearable. This move from the original Watch Pro’s rectangular shape highlights CMF’s bold design evolution.

Get ready to customize your wrist game

While specs and price often guide consumer choices, more people are now prioritizing style in their wearable tech. Most Android smartwatches stick to a standard futuristic metallic look, but the CMF Watch Pro 2 is set to break this mold. Its bold design could redefine what we expect from smartwatch aesthetics.

Adding to the Watch Pro 2’s personalization appeal, CMF has teased a variety of watch faces, allowing users to customize their display to match their style. This focus on personalization also applies to the CMF Phone 1, with leaked images showing various distinctive backplate designs.

The full reveal of the CMF Watch Pro 2 is just around the corner. Leading the lineup is the much-anticipated CMF by Nothing Phone 1, a budget-friendly smartphone with a unique design. It features modular screw-in accessories like lanyards and kickstands, as CMF recently showed off.

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