T-Mobile made an announcement this morning that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Mint Mobile, the wireless brand whose minority ownership includes none other than Ryan Reynolds. The guy owns a 25% stake in the company, so this is big news for him.

The actual deal is for the Ka’ena Corporation and its subsidiaries and brands. This includes Mint Mobile (D2C prepaid brand), Ultra Mobile (international calling service), and Plum (wholesaler). As far as customers are concerned, nothing is changing for the time being and even Reynolds is staying on in his creative role for Mint.

T-Mobile is acquiring the brands’ sales, marketing, digital, and service operations, and plans to use its supplier relationships and distribution scale to help the brands to grow and offer competitive pricing and greater device inventory to more U.S. consumers seeking value offerings.

It’s more of the same from T-Mobile, I’m afraid. The company says that by buying more wireless brands it can continue to offer competitive pricing to US consumers. Gee, I wonder where I’ve heard this below. As a quick semi-related note, that 3-year price hike freeze from the T-Mobile/Sprint merger is set to expire any day now.

You can watch the announcement video below. It’s T-Mo being T-Mo and Ryan Reynolds playing that character he plays in everything else. It feels a bit more forced in this unfortunately, but hey, he’s Deadpool so it’s all good.

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Deadpool Gets Paid: T-Mobile Acquiring Mint Mobile for $1.35 Billion

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Deadpool Gets Paid: T-Mobile Acquiring Mint Mobile for $1.35 Billion

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