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Fitbit will be releasing an update in 2023 that will require users to have a Google account in order to access the fitness device. This means that users will have to utilize their Google account in order to use the device.

Fitbit will be Making Changes in 2023, Requiring Users to Sign In with a Google Account

According to the story by 9to5Google, “Fitbit by Google” was introduced with the latest device from the company. Both the Sense 2 as well as the Versa 4 already use a UI that is modeled closely after the Wear OS 3, as better detailed on Tech Radar.

With the new UI, integration into the Google ecosystem is expected to get deeper from 2023 and up. During this period, the article notes that Fitbit will require Google accounts from the owners to use the device.

The Company Says It Will Enable the Use of Google Accounts in 2023

As per Fitbit’s help page, the company says that it is providing products and services separate from Google. Instead of a Google account, users would need a Fitbit account in order for them to use the app and services, including the fitness tracker, smartwatch, and scale.

The company notes that it will be enabling the use of Google accounts on Fitbit sometime in 2023. It was mentioned that Google accounts that are being used on Fitbit would support a number of different benefits.

Products Still Include 2FA Through SMS in Its Login System

Some of the benefits users can enjoy include the use of single login for both Fitbit and other services by Google, as well as account security, Fitbit user data centralized privacy controls, and some other features directly from Google on Fitbit.

The most important feature being promoted is the added security, especially since Fitbit deals with sensitive data on both health and fitness. As of press time, Fitbit still maintains its very own login system that requires 2FA through SMS.

Users have the Option to ‘Continue with Google’ in Order to Sign In

Fitbit reportedly removed the sign-in with Facebook option, but users can choose to “Continue with Google.” Once the next changes take place in 2023, certain uses of Fitbit will require users to have a Google account signed in.

The things that could require users to have a Google account include signing up for newly released Fitbit devices and features. This could happen with Fitbit’s premium Wear OS 3 watch, which could require users to have a Google account.

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Non-Google Fitbit Users have Until 2025 to Continue

Once the change finally goes live, users will get an option for them to “move Fitbit to your Google account.” This will roll out while existing users will be able to continue the use of their non-Google Fitbit account until 2025.

The non-Google Fitbit users, however, will not be able to use new devices or health features until they decide to log in their Google account.

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