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The press is absolutely hot off the heels with a fresh new leak for the Honor Magic V3, the successor to Honor’s thinnest smartphone to date. A mix of official and leaked info, we are once again teased with a set of specs, plus an image of the product that boasts its reported thinness.

Breaking Its Own Thinness Record

Honor Magic V3 could Be Even Slimmer And Lighter 5
Image: Honor via Weibo

The two separate sources came with different information about the same product. Honor’s Weibo account, which is the official source, showcased a few images and touted the previous Magic V2’s thinness record. The second one was from X, via the well-known leaker Teme (@RODENT950). This one had the rumored specs, supported with an image that once again emphasizes the thinness of the new unit.

Honor teased that the new Magic V3 will be only slightly thinner than 9mm, while Teme listed that the unit will weigh 220 to 230g. Both figures point to the likely possibility that it will be even thinner and lighter than its predecessor. To give better context, the Magic V2 launched last January 2024 with a very impressive slim profile of just 9.9mm when folded, while weighing only 231g. To date, it is currently the thinnest foldable ever within its form factor in the entire world.

With Honor’s focus on minimizing bulk potentially doubled down for the second succeeding model, it no longer seems to be a mere marketing gimmick. Instead, it might actually be a move to address one of the primary concerns users have had with foldable devices: their typically chunky form factor when folded. The Magic V3 might be built to feel more like a traditional smartphone regardless of whether it is flipped on or folded.

Processing Specs and Other Information

Honor Magic V3 could Be Even Slimmer And Lighter 6
Image: Honor via Weibo

As for its innards, the Magic V3 is rumored to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Absolutely no surprises there as a halo-tier product. Even the 50MP “eagle eye camera” doesn’t seem to revolutionary of a feature, though Honor may at least have some additional gimmick that makes it worthy of its name. The leaks also listed a 5,000 mAh battery and 66W wired charging, which again, are typical staples for phones today.

That being said, one notable addition usually offered for the Chinese market is satellite connectivity, expanding the device’s communication capabilities in areas with limited cellular coverage. In addition, the Magic V3 leak also mentions support for a sort of “5.5G” technology, likely referring to standard 5G with a few additional perks.

And yes, as hinted by its wired charging features, it seems that the Magic V3 will still support USB-C despite its sheer focus on maintaining its predecessor’s world-class thinness record.

Early 2025 or Late 2024 Global Release?

Honor Magic V3 could Be Even Slimmer And Lighter 7
Image: TalkAndroid

While the global release date for the Honor Magic V3 remains unknown, Honor’s teaser campaign plus the timing of the official social media teaser suggests a full unveiling in China could happen as soon as early to mid-July. Given the company’s previous launch strategy with the Honor Magic V2, international markets might see the device later in the year or early 2025.

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