HONOR Magic V3 will be even thinner than its predecessor, the Magic V2. This is not exactly a surprise. The Magic V2 was the first book-style foldable that actually felt like a regular smartphone in the hand.

The upcoming HONOR Magic V3 could be even thinner than the Magic V2 was

Well, the Magic V3 model is right around the corner, and the company’s teaser image just surfaced. We’re not sure if HONOR published this, but based on Teme’s words, the image you can see below is HONOR’s marketing image.

We haven’t been able to find it on HONOR’s social media platforms in China, so we’re not sure if it’s official yet. In any case, the first image in the gallery is unrealistically thin. The second one represents a more realistic look at the phone.

HONOR did something similar with last year’s model. This model will be even thinner than last year’s, though. The HONOR Magic V2 is 10.1mm thick when folded. Well, Teme says this one will be 9.Xmm thick when folded.

The camera bump is expected to be more substantial this time around, which is a good sign

You can also see a camera bump here, which is allegedly more realistic on the second image, but possibly not 100% accurate. It will be more substantial than last year. That’s actually a good thing. Why? Well, because it means that the phone will get a camera upgrade.

The HONOR Magic V2 was a great smartphone, but its cameras were not its best feature. Well, HONOR is seemingly looking to change that.

The HONOR Magic V2 was announced in July last year, so if HONOR plans to stick to its release cycle, its successor is coming next month. Do note that it took HONOR a long time to bring the global variant to consumers, though. It took the company about 6 months, despite the fact the phone was shown off at IFA in September last year.

Let’s hope that HONOR will be more prompt this time around. Let’s hope that we’ll get a global variant soon after the Chinese one launches.

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