The sanctions on Huawei have not been kind to the company. It basically prevented them from working with US companies and vice versa, which also meant that using technology made by US companies was out of the question, severely hindering the company’s ability to produce components like custom chipsets.

That could change this year because according to a report from Weibo, it appears that Huawei is ready to stage a massive comeback this year. The company is rumored to be launching new chipsets across its Ascend, Kunpeng, Tiangang, and Balong range and they are expected to make an appearance in the second half of 2023.

While the custom chipset scene has plenty of players, what makes this particularly interesting is seeing how Huawei could have come up with their own solutions despite the sanctions levied against them. For example, Huawei’s phones have notoriously not had 5G as the tech and patents behind the tech are part of the sanctions, so it will be interesting to see if Huawei has managed to develop something on their own during the past few years.

That being said, there is a good chance we will never see these chipsets hit the US market, but it does open up the door to the possibility for other Chinese manufacturers to get in on the action as a failsafe should they ever get caught in the crosshairs of the US government and their allies.

Source: Huawei Central

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Huawei could be staging a massive chipset comeback this year – Phandroid

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