It’s only a matter of time before we see the very first tri-fold smartphone on the market. Several companies are working on it, including Huawei. Huawei seems to be having issues with the development of its tri-fold smartphone, though.

Huawei seems to be having issues with the development of its tri-fold smartphone

Based on a report from X, that is the case. That report claims that Huawei is having thermal issues with its tri-fold smartphone. That’s not the only problem, though, the software also seems to be a stumbling block.

The source says that the software still has to be “perfected”. Considering that Huawei plans to ditch Android altogether, it’s easily possible this device is planned to launch later on, once Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT takes over.

He also mentioned that the device, in its current state, is fueled by a Kirin 9000 series SoC. We’re not sure what chip exactly, but it’s likely one of Huawei’s new 7nm processors. Huawei has to figure out an effective way to keep this phone cool.

Cooling seems to be one of the problems

Even when it comes to regular foldable phones, they’re able to cool more effectively when they’re unfolded. So the problems for Huawei probably occur when this tri-fold phone is folded.

It remains to be seen who will be the first to launch a tri-fold smartphone, but it will be exciting either way. New form factors are always fun to see and use, that’s for sure. With the tri-fold smartphones, OEMs have a number of new challenges.

In addition to heating and software, both of which were mentioned already, the thickness becomes a point of discussion too. It was an issue back when foldables first launched, but smartphone manufacturers managed to thin them down.

With tri-fold devices, however, you have yet another layer to think of. They’ll be thicker than regular foldables, that’s for sure. It remains to be seen how companies aim to tackle that issue.

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