Despite facing sanctions from the US, the Chinese tech giant is still releasing smartphones overseas. And their latest offerings – the P60 Pro and the foldable Mate X3 – are making their debut outside of China. Woohoo!

But wait, before you start rushing out and counting your pennies, these phones come with some pretty hefty price tags. The P60 Pro starts at €1,200 / £1,200, while the Mate X3 is even pricier at €2,199 / £2,000.

Huawei Mate X3 & P60 arrive in Europe – Phandroid

If you’re expecting 5G support, well, you’re out of luck. Thanks to those pesky US sanctions, these phones don’t come with Google apps and services, meaning you’ll have to make do with 4G connectivity. So, be prepared to stream your favourite shows in lower quality.

But hey, let’s focus on the positives! The Mate X3 is Huawei’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. Sure, it may not have the latest processor, but it does come with a 6.4-inch FullHD+ OLED display and a whopping 7.85-inch 120Hz OLED screen. And if you’re a clumsy person like me, you’ll be relieved to know that this phone has an IPX8 rating for water resistance. Plus, its hinge is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy, so it’s extra-durable and long-lasting. Perfect for those of us who have butterfingers!

Let’s not forget about the P60 Pro, Huawei’s flagship smartphone. It boasts a 6.67-inch 2,700 x 1,220 OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Plus, its Rococo Pearl variant features a pearl-texture rear cover. Huawei claims they use natural mineral pearl powder to achieve a lustrous effect. Who knew phones could be so fancy? If you like the sheen of this you’ll love what’s happening over at

So, there you have it – Huawei’s latest smartphone offerings. They may be expensive and lacking in 5G support, but they make up for it in their design and optics. And if you’re feeling extra generous, why not splurge on both devices before June 5th and get a free Watch GT 3? It’s like a cherry on top of a very expensive cake.

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Huawei Mate X3 & P60 arrive in Europe – Phandroid

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