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Incredible audio. Exceptional comfort. R?DE’s NTH-100 are perfect for audio pros

Whether you’re a streamer, a producer, a podcaster or a content creator, you probably know about R?DE. Since 1967, R?DE has made some of the best audio kit in the business. Step into a broadcast studio, go stage-side at an event, or check out a live podcast recording and you’ll almost certainly see its much-loved microphones, mixers and audio interfaces. They’re the choice of today’s creative generation.

For R?DE fans, though, there’s always been one thing on their wish list: headphones. Because R?DE doesn’t rush things, for a pair of headphones to wear the R?DE logo, they would have to go through years of development and the toughest tests possible to ensure that they were absolutely exceptional.

Allow us to introduce the R?DE NTH-100 headphones. These are the headphones every pro has been waiting for.

R?DE NTH-100

(Image credit: R?DE)

The culmination of decades of audio excellence

The R?DE NTH-100 may well be the most comfortable and best sounding headphones you’ll ever wear, and that’s because they’ve been decades in the making. With the NTH-100s, R?DE has brought everything they’ve learnt about making exceptional audio products and used that to answer a single question: if you could create the perfect headphones for pros, what would they be?

First and foremost, the best headphones for pros have to be incredibly accurate. Headphones that artificially flatter the sound or boost the low frequencies don’t give you a clear picture of your mix. They also need to be comfortable enough to withstand marathon studio sessions and then some. Finally, they have to be precision engineered to deliver not just amazing build quality but incredible clarity and detail as well.

The NTH-100 are all those things and more. Their cleverly designed ear cups give you a similar sound signature to open-backs without leaking audio into your microphone. They’re also great at keeping out ambient audio. Their custom-matched drivers are precision engineered to deliver crystal clear sound and a flat frequency response. With a super-wide frequency range starting at a subterranean 5Hz and rising to a very high 35kHz, you’ll hear everything with a level of clarity and detail like never before.

As R?DE CEO Damien Wilson puts it: “Nobody understands sound like we do, and these headphones are proof of that.”

R?DE NTH-100

(Image credit: R?DE)

Those luxurious Alcantara-lined ear cups are filled with R?DE’s revolutionary CoolTech gel, which absorbs and dissipates heat to cool your ears and help keep fatigue at bay when you’re pulling a long recording or engineering shift. Each cup is contoured to fit the shape of your ears, and the combination of bi-directional movement and memory foam gives you a custom-fit feel (they’re great for people who wear glasses too). Once you’ve got the perfect fit, the clever FitLok headband locks everything securely in place so the next time you put them on, they fit perfectly just like a comfortable pair of slippers, but considerably better looking.

R?DE NTH-100

(Image credit: R?DE)

The iconic design of the R?DE NTH-100 is a beautiful blend of cutting-edge industrial design and classic audio aesthetics, with a premium look and feel thanks to R?DE’s use of premium materials and precision engineering. Your NTH-100s can be truly personal to you thanks to their modular design, which enables you to swap out the ear cups and other components to match your personal style.

R?DE has thought of absolutely everything: you can even swap out the ID rings so you can instantly identify which cable belongs to which listener. You get a full set of rings right there in the box along with a high quality 2.4m detachable cable, a 3.5mm to 1/4-inch cable adaptor and a stylish storage pouch with the iconic R?DE logo.

R?DE NTH-100

(Image credit: R?DE)

“Good enough” isn’t good enough

R?DE products are made tough, and the NTH-100s are no exception. The spring steel headband has been tested under extreme pressure equivalent to over 25 years of daily use, and the wire linking the ear cups can withstand over 25kg of force – more than enough to handle an accidental studio snag. The cable and ear cup sockets are strong enough to resist 12kg of force, and the whole assembly has been pinched, punched, stretched and spun by robots to ensure that they will still look and sound flawless after decades of use. You name it, R?DE tested it: everything from climate and water tests to abrasion and drop testing. The NTH-100s passed the lot with flying colours.

R?DE NTH-100

(Image credit: R?DE)

With an unparalleled blend of sound quality, audio excellence, precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the R?DE NTH-100s are perfect for bedroom recording and professional studios alike. Not only that, but they’re just the start of a whole new story. The NTH-100s are R?DE’s first-ever pair of headphones in an evolving ecosystem that’ll deliver the audio products every pro has been dreaming of.

Click here to find out more about the headphones you’ve been waiting for.

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