Leak: The Xiaomi 15 could be the pocket-friendly flagship phone to beat

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  • The Xiaomi 15 is tipped to arrive with a 5,000mAh or higher battery.
  • It’s also believed that Xiaomi is testing a variable aperture main camera for the device.
  • The new phone is said to retain a similarly compact design as the Xiaomi 14.

We’ve already heard the first Xiaomi 15 series leaks earlier this year, suggesting that the standard model could be a similarly pocket-friendly phone as the Xiaomi 14.

Now, tipster Smart Pikachu has posted more apparent Xiaomi 15 series details on Weibo. The leaker asserted that both the small and large models (ostensibly Xiaomi 15 and 15 Pro) will offer large batteries of at least 5,000mAh. That would be a notable upgrade over the Xiaomi 14‘s 4,610mAh battery in particular.

smart pikachu Xiaomi 15 series

A 5,000mAh+ battery would be a big deal for the Xiaomi 15, as the Xiaomi 14 offers a relatively small form factor. It’s believed Xiaomi will stick with the same size strategy for the Xiaomi 15 range.

The leaker further claimed that Xiaomi is testing a variable aperture main camera on the standard Xiaomi 15. This would be a welcome upgrade for the vanilla flagship.

The vast majority of smartphone cameras offer fixed apertures, but an adjustable aperture has several benefits. Users can switch to a narrow aperture for a shallow depth-of-field effect (ideal for portraits) and then switch to a wider aperture for improved low-light shots and a deep depth-of-field (e.g. when you want everything in focus). A variable aperture is also handy for large camera sensors, which often struggle to focus on close-up subjects.

In any event, we hope the final Xiaomi 15 has a larger battery and variable-aperture main camera. These two additions would certainly help the phone stand out from similarly sized rivals.

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