Following on from the unveiling of the world’s largest OLED panel ever made by LG earlier this month, it has this week revealed more details about the LG 97 inch OLED.EX TV CSO, or Cinematic Sound OLED which is equipped with Film CSO technology. Sporting a 5.1 channel surround sound system embedded into the screen, “creating a performance that offers a cinematic level of immersion” says LG.

LG is showcasing its new display for the first time in Korea as part of its booth at K-Display 2022 during which LG will also be showcasing its new Transparent OLED display range as well as the 97-inch OLED.EX panel. “As it’s OLED, naturally you’re also going to get vivid colors and fantastic contrast, including perfect black. But then you have the ‘OLED.EX’ tag, meaning it has a brightness boost of up to 30% because of the addition of deuterium to the organic light-emitting diodes along with the incorporation of personalized algorithm-based ‘EX Technology.”

“With CSO, LG Display has created sound technology that works in a similar way to the tiny holes in movie theater screens, through which sound emanates from speakers behind the screen. The difference with CSO is that exciters are placed within the OLED panel itself, vibrating to create sound where the on-screen action is happening. This is possible because the self-emissive nature of OLED panels allows them to be ultra-thin. Even better, LG Display’s CSO has evolved from coil-type to film exciters, hence ‘Film CSO’ – meaning they are slimmer, lighter, and offer the design advantage of an even thinner panel. You can also fit more of them within a large TV panel, which is why ‘Film CSO’ is a major factor behind the immersive power of this 97-inch OLED.EX display.”

“It’s also great timing to be celebrating a large TV panel like this, as big TVs are rapidly growing in popularity this year. The market for TVs exceeding 80 inches is booming and is set to grow by over 28% this year, according to market watcher Omdia last month. This is even more impressive when you consider that Omdia also expects overall global TV shipments to fall by about 4.74 million units in 2022 compared with 2021. As the market evolves, TVs sized 70 inches and up are set to make up more than 20% of sales for the first time ever.”

Source : LG

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