LinkedIn is the latest company to get into the generative AI game with new tools for LinkedIn Premium users and companies.

In a blog post on its website, the company announced a number of moves to bring AI into the professional network. LinkedIn said that, in addition to unlocking more than 100 LinkedIn Learning courses to all users, it is also planning to release 20 new courses focused on generative AI.

The company says that “From the basics to advanced applications of AI, these courses will help members gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly-changing market.” While you can learn about AI, LinkedIn isn’t stopping there. It also announced that, using OpenAI’s GPT models, it is testing generative AI features to help users write the About and Headline sections of their profiles and for companies to write job descriptions:

  • To help make crafting your profile easier and more effective, we’re testing a new tool for LinkedIn Premium subscribers that provides personalized writing suggestions to your About and Headline sections. 
  • We’re testing a new AI-powered job description tool that will make it faster and easier to write job descriptions. 

Both features are currently in testing, and it’s not exactly clear when they will be available to everyone, but if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they are coming soon. Microsoft, LinkedIn’s parent company, is hosting another AI event on Thursday, March 16 that is expected to focus on its business applications. According to the announcement, the event will focus on how the company is “reinventing productivity with AI” and how artificial intelligence will “usher in a new way of working for every person and organization.”

In addition to bringing AI to its business tools, Microsoft is also bringing 3D avatars to Teams, its messaging app. It also recently added the new Bing-powered sidebar to Edge for all users.

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LinkedIn is testing AI tools to help users write profiles and job descriptions

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LinkedIn is testing AI tools to help users write profiles and job descriptions

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