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Update: The original story sates prices taken from Devialet’s U.K. press release, which are incorrect. U.K. prices are in fact £349 for the standard matte black and white finishes, and £549 for the white and gold Opéra de Paris edition. Devialet confirms U.S. and Australian dollar prices at $449 / AU$699, and $649 / AU$1099 for Gemini II standard finishes and the Opéra de Paris edition respectively. 

Luxury audio brand Devialet has just announced its Gemini II noise-canceling earbuds, and they look like they could be another contender for our best wireless earbuds. The new version goes on sale today (September 13), and builds on the original Gemini earbuds that launched in October 2020 with improved audio performance and user experience, as well as introducing multiple color options wrapped in a similarly strong design aesthetic. 

Unlike Devialet’s original Gemini earbuds that launched at $280 / £250 / AU$450 (seen at the time as price rivals to the likes of Apple’s AirPods Pro and Sony’s WF-1000XM4), the Gemini II earbuds come with a considerable price hike. 

The Gemini II noise-canceling earbuds are priced at $450 / £399 (around AU$700 based on today’s USD conversion rate) for regular matte black or white color options. They’re even pricier at $650 / £599 (around AU$1,010) for the white and gold Opéra de Paris edition. 

That’s a significant price increase on its entry-level earbuds, and makes the Gemini II more expensive than the second-generation Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 earbuds that were unveiled earlier this year priced at $399 / £349. 

Devialet Gemini II upgrades

Devialet Gemini II Opera de Paris edition

(Image credit: Devialet)

Devialet explains that there’s plenty of new tech inside the Gemini II to justify the price tag starting with a brand-new custom 10mm titanium coated driver fitted in each earbud. They also support Bluetooth 5.2, offering multipoint connectivity and aptX codec support, and use the company’s own adaptive noise cancelation technology specifically developed for the next-gen earbuds. The adaptive tech uses a hybrid dual-microphone structure and digital filters to dynamically adjust to the shape of the wearer’s ear. Devialet says that this ensures the best noise cancelation for every user in any environment.

Additionally, there’s a new technology for the Gemini II that Devialet calls Active Wind Reduction (AWR). As the name implies, the tech is designed to limit wind noise impacting the earbuds by using a layer of anti-wind material and a cavity to shield the microphone membrane from any wind blowing on the surface of the earbud. In turn, Devialet’s wind detection software controls adaptive noise cancelation and Transparency intensity according to the surroundings.

Voice calls are also said to benefit from the use of the new AWR tech, and combine with a new bone conduction-sensor for clear and smooth call quality. 

The Devialet Gemini II are said to be IPX4-rated for water resistance, which is the same level as the AirPods Pro 2. There’s no mention on the level of protection offered for the charging case. New touch control customizations are available via the Devialet app, and they claim 5 hours of playback on a single battery charge, and 22 hours with the charging case. That’s lower than many rivals, but look out for our full review to see how those battery life figures translate in real world usage. Devialet hasn’t mentioned wireless charging support. 

Devialet Gemini II in white

(Image credit: Devialet)

Devialet’s CEO Franck Lebouchard says of the Gemini II “We have condensed 15 years of expertise in acoustic research and development into Devialet Gemini II to deliver an even bigger sound experience in our smallest package yet. Driven by our vision to continually break boundaries in audio design, Devialet Gemini II’s new design offers a universal luxury listening experience thanks to improved ergonomics that lets listeners experience industry-leading proprietary technologies without feeling the earbuds in place. On-the-go audio has never felt better.” 

Devialet Gemini II PR shot

(Image credit: Devialet)

Once again, The Devialet Gemini II adaptive noise-canceling earbuds are priced at $450 / £399 (around AU$700 based on today’s USD conversion rate) for matte black or white color options. If you’re looking to splurge even more, there’s also an Opéra de Paris edition in white and gold priced at £599 / $650 (around AU$1,010). 

The Devialet Gemini II is available to buy now online on Devialet’s website, or via its own retail stores and dealers. All color options come with four ear tip sizes.

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