Meta Quest now supports up to six windows | Woman using a Quest headset

Meta Quest’s attempts to compete with Vision Pro using a headset costing a fraction of the price continues.

We reported last month that the company was experimenting with freeform window placement in an attempt to match the flexibility of visionOS, and Mark Zuckerberg has today shown-off the latest version of this, with six windows …

We mentioned previously a big difference between the two company’s offerings.

Vision Pro allows freeform window placement. That is, you can have multiple windows, and position them wherever you like in your environment. Impressively, they will remain exactly where you placed them even if you go for a walk while wearing VP and then return home.

Meta Quest headsets, in contrast, offer a much more limited experience by default. You can only have three windows, and they can only be positioned side-by-side.

At the time, the company’s beta program revealed a new window layout, with similar capabilities to a third-party app I tested a year ago.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has today shown off an enhanced version of this, supporting a combination of three fixed-position windows and three freely-moveable ones.

It has to be said that the visual polish is not remotely close to that of Vision Pro, and the frame rates of the content in most of the windows appear extremely low.

All the same, it’s a big step forward, and as with anything else in tech, the more companies seeking to catch or outdo each other, the more end-users benefit.

Photo by Adrià García Sarceda on Unsplash

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Meta Quest now supports up to six windows in Vision Pro quest

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