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Microsoft was toying with dual-screen smartphones for a few years, but had plans to launch a foldable Surface Duo at once point. While that never made it to market, newly revealed information reveals some of what Microsoft had planned for its foldable that would have launched as Surface Duo 3.

The Surface Duo was an alternative to the now-popular book-style foldable. Instead of offering a single flexible display, the device attached two identical screens with a hinge, with the idea being that two screens would provide for better “split-screen” multitasking. It was a neat concept with two generations of excellent hardware, but software limitations left it falling short of foldables on the market.

It was reported in early 2023 that Microsoft had abandoned the dual-screen concept for a foldable, but nothing ever came of that.

Now, we’re getting some insight on the foldable plans that Microsoft has since left behind.

Apparently, a device by the name of “Neon” would have been a third-generation Surface Duo with an internal folding display and an external cover display, much like the Galaxy Z Fold series or Pixel Fold. Windows Central claims that patents showcased by Patently Apple show “exactly” what the actual device would have looked like.

We can’t see everything Microsoft had in mind from these sketches, but there’s clearly a better setup for the cameras, as well as some interesting accessories. Apparently, Microsoft was working on a system that would allow for magnetic accessories to attach to the back of the device. One image shows a kickstand, but nothing else has been mentioned just yet.

The report also brings out that Microsoft apparently toyed with a power button on the device that would have partially opened the foldable.

But, sadly, it seems like Microsoft has mostly thrown in the towel on smartphones, so it’s unclear if this device or the ideas shown here will ever see the light of day.

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